A couple weeks before this birth, Amy and I talked on the phone.  “Are you okay shooting a breech birth?” she asked.  The question was funny to me as we’ve done a transfer, I’ve been whisked out of an OR, and photographed other atypical birth moments with her.  “Of course, I am!  I’m not delivering him…”  I responded and then we waited for Baby.

Towards the end of the labor, I understood why she might ask a birth photographer the breech question.  “Listen, you’re going to want to push.  But don’t.  I need to make sure you’re really ready.” Archna had been in serious labor for a while and now she’s being told to wait a little longer…  And during this she was attentive to her older children’s needs.  “Are you hungry?  Does this make you worry?  It’s okay if it does, you could talk with her about it.  Do you need a sweatshirt?”  That’s what a mother does.  Her love and attention is never split.  It’s all in for every single child.

The morning sun was full and she was getting very quiet in between contractions.  Amy said again, “You’re close, but I need you closer.”  Archna understandably responded, “I can’t, Amy.  I’m tired.  I can’t… ”   But within seconds, her face changed and she told everyone but most importantly herself, “No.  I can.  I can do this.  I know it.  I’m going to let go.  I want to meet my son soon.”

And with that peacefully intensity, she brought her son into this world.

You were welcomed into your family with determination, love and passion.

That’s your foundation, Baby boy.

That’s where you began and it will always hold you.