Births have a flow.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in her living room or in a hospital room.  There are differences, but they have a flow.  A couple weeks ago, I experienced this flow.

I arrived and Mom was talking and laughing. There’s more excitement than nervousness, but it dances in the background.  “I forgot about this newborn thing and that newborn thing.  I wonder if he’ll looks like his brother.  I forgot to bring the music.  Did you do this during labor?  How was your second delivery?”  It’s easy conversation.  It bounces between excitementand anticipation sprinkled with nerves.

And then she stops.

She closes her eyes and takes a big breath.  “Honey.  Please come closer.”

I can tell we’re at the beginning of the most important part of the Flow.  She needs her strength now.  She needs silence. Her body is preparing her to meet her baby.  This Flow makes you wait until she’s ready.

Midwife checks, “Looks like it’s time.  Let’s have a baby!”  The flow is amped up with readiness and encouragement.  Tables are moved closer.  Scrubs are put on.  Granola bars are eaten quickly.  She’s wondering if she’s done everything.  You can see she’s wide-eyed and ready to hold her new son.  But she also knows this next step isn’t easy.  And when it’s over, she’s no longer a family of three.  She part of a foursome.  She’ll be the mother of two boys.  It’s time to become that woman.

“Push.  You got this.  One more push.  Take a break.  Breathe.  Look at all that hair!  Feel your son’s head.  He’s almost here.  Push.  Hold it.  Push again.”

“Curl around your son, Anna, and push…”

With that tender cue and her amazing power, she becomes a mother again.
The midwife catches the newborn and quickly allows him to feel his mother’s reaching arms.  He’s home.

The flow continues around her.  Midwives wrap up and put away the tables.  Cord is cut.  Texts are being sent. The anesthesiologist is being called.  Congratulations are being exchanged.

But she remains in the center of this true love flow.  Those are the feet that kicked her awake.  That’s the chest holding the tiny heart she saw flutter so many months ago.  Feel it actually beating against her fingers.  Those lips?  That chin?  She’s seen them before.  His hair he inherited from Dad slips through her fingers.

He’s her son.

She’s in the eye of the birth flow.  She takes a breath and relaxes into it.  This is what she’s earned.

Nothing matters but this first rush of unconditional love.

Allow these pictures to always remind you of this powerful Flow of true love.  When a toddler is a toddler…  Or when teenage attitudes rear up…  Remember this flow.  Life will always flow back to the beginning: the love you first felt when he was placed in your arms.  Those are the roots of unlimited love.