Life is in the Pause

Oh Summer…  You got away from me and made me drop the ball with a number of things.  Let’s fix that.

When you enter a birth space, there’s no time for formalities.  “How do you do’s…” are not necessary.  You are meeting someone’s core.  You are seeing them vulnerable and powerful.  You see them filled with tenderness and oozing with confidence.  You see them confront unpredictable situations and you watch them accept them with grace.  You dance back an forth in those pauses of change.

I met Kori’s husband and sister while she was in active labor.  She was given an epidural which didn’t work and they supported her in the exact ways she needed.  It started with slow and steady words.  “Breathe.  You can do this.”  It ramped up with humor and confidence.  And finally they pushed with power and fierce affirmations.  Epidural fixed.  She’s worked so hard, but now her body needed to rest.  She needed to pause.

You can feel when it’s time.  The room begins to buzz.  Staff sets up.  More people enter and shuffle into place.  The pauses get shorter and are filled with more certainty.  We all know it’s time.  But most important, she knows it time.  She’s drops into the zone.  She’s given cues that make sense to her.  Yoga poses.  Marathon references.  She asks for the mirror and sees her goal.  That’s her baby!  The entire room counts down her pushes.  Knees are held.  The entire room tells her to curl around her baby.  “Like cat pose, Kori!” her sister explains.  “Like a cashew…” Kori corrects.  With the support and love in the room, she ready to reach for her child. “Next push and you’ll be holding your baby.  Take a big breath.  We’re going to count but don’t back off…” her nurse says.


“1. 2. 3 . Don’t back off!  Again!  1. 2. 3.”


And in the tiny pause before she’s able to inhale, her life changes forever.  That tiny pause is the second her son was born.

Inhale true love.

She is a mother.