Photo shoots of models from the Balkan Peninsula

Lately, online dating has become the only legit way to find a partner. It is especially helpful for those who want to find a man from another country. Thus, more and more girls are looking for quality photoshoots to make their dating profiles attractive. Erika Ray can help you with this issue. Let’s see what we can offer. 

Photoshoot options for Balkan models 

Portrait photoshoot

This is the first option we propose to beautiful Balkan women for dating purposes. Just imagine: we take dozens of portrait pictures of you to put on your avatar on a dating website. You can show as many emotions as you like to reflect your personality the best. As a result of a photoshoot, you will get 10 retouched pics of yourself. 

Nude photoshoot

Croatian women prefer ordering this photoshoot done somewhere on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. You can choose any location for this kind of photoshoot (in a studio or outside), pick any swimsuit or an underwear set. If you want to order additional stylist and make-up artist services, we can offer them as well at a reduced price. 

Work photoshoot

This kind of photoshoot differs from the others by its style: here, we take photos of you in a setting similar to your workplace. This is to depict your personality through your job and show how professional you are. The pictures taken during this photoshoot are the best for your LinkedIn profile. 

Lifestyle photoshoot

If neither of the thematic photoshoots has drawn your attention, we advise you to try out a lifestyle one. This photo session does not require any special clothes or setting; moreover, you can take your dog or other pet with you, bring musical instruments you like to play, etc. You can also choose where you want to take the photos: outside, in your favorite cafe, at home, or the top of the highest building in your city. A lifestyle photoshoot is the most popular among Albanian women due to its non-formal atmosphere and limitless creative ideas that can be easily realized with us.

How to order a photoshoot?

Now that you know what we offer, you are likely to be interested in ordering a photo session. You can do that in a few ways: by email, over the phone, or through our social media pages. 

To make an order, please reach out to us via the preferred method of communication and let us know your expectations and needs so that we could meet them to the highest extent. Don’t hesitate to fill out the questionnaire that we email you to make all the aspects of your photoshoot clear to us. It will not take a lot of your time but will help you understand what result you want to get after the photoshoot. 

Once all the details are clear, we will ask you to make the payment for our service. The final price will depend on additional services you may choose (stylist advice, makeup artist, etc.), the date and duration of the photoshoot, and the term in which you would like to get your retouched pictures. 

A few days before the photoshoot we will email you a checklist to follow to avoid forgetting something important before the X-day. Please follow it and come to the shooting location so we could take care of you.