Photo shoots of models from the Balkan Peninsula

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Lately, online dating has become the only legit way to find a partner. It is especially helpful for those who want to find a man from another country. Thus, more and more girls are looking for quality photoshoots to make their dating profiles attractive. Erika Ray can help you with this issue. Let’s see what we can offer. 

Photoshoot options for Balkan models 

Portrait photoshoot

This is the first option we propose to beautiful Balkan women for dating purposes. Just imagine: we take dozens of portrait pictures of you to put on your avatar on a dating website. You can show as many emotions as you like to reflect your personality the best. As a result of a photoshoot, you will get 10 retouched pics of yourself. 

Nude photoshoot

Croatian women prefer ordering this photoshoot done somewhere on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. You can choose any location for this kind of photoshoot (in a studio or outside), pick any swimsuit or an underwear set. If you want to order additional stylist and make-up artist services, we can offer them as well at a reduced price. 

Work photoshoot

This kind of photoshoot differs from the others by its style: here, we take photos of you in a setting similar to your workplace. This is to depict your personality through your job and show how professional you are. The pictures taken during this photoshoot are the best for your LinkedIn profile. 

Lifestyle photoshoot

If neither of the thematic photoshoots has drawn your attention, we advise you to try out a lifestyle one. This photo session does not require any special clothes or setting; moreover, you can take your dog or other pet with you, bring musical instruments you like to play, etc. You can also choose where you want to take the photos: outside, in your favorite cafe, at home, or the top of the highest building in your city. A lifestyle photoshoot is the most popular among Albanian women due to its non-formal atmosphere and limitless creative ideas that can be easily realized with us.

How to order a photoshoot?

Now that you know what we offer, you are likely to be interested in ordering a photo session. You can do that in a few ways: by email, over the phone, or through our social media pages. 

To make an order, please reach out to us via the preferred method of communication and let us know your expectations and needs so that we could meet them to the highest extent. Don’t hesitate to fill out the questionnaire that we email you to make all the aspects of your photoshoot clear to us. It will not take a lot of your time but will help you understand what result you want to get after the photoshoot. 

Once all the details are clear, we will ask you to make the payment for our service. The final price will depend on additional services you may choose (stylist advice, makeup artist, etc.), the date and duration of the photoshoot, and the term in which you would like to get your retouched pictures. 

A few days before the photoshoot we will email you a checklist to follow to avoid forgetting something important before the X-day. Please follow it and come to the shooting location so we could take care of you.

Life is in the Pause

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Oh Summer…  You got away from me and made me drop the ball with a number of things.  Let’s fix that.

When you enter a birth space, there’s no time for formalities.  “How do you do’s…” are not necessary.  You are meeting someone’s core.  You are seeing them vulnerable and powerful.  You see them filled with tenderness and oozing with confidence.  You see them confront unpredictable situations and you watch them accept them with grace.  You dance back an forth in those pauses of change.

I met Kori’s husband and sister while she was in active labor.  She was given an epidural which didn’t work and they supported her in the exact ways she needed.  It started with slow and steady words.  “Breathe.  You can do this.”  It ramped up with humor and confidence.  And finally they pushed with power and fierce affirmations.  Epidural fixed.  She’s worked so hard, but now her body needed to rest.  She needed to pause.

You can feel when it’s time.  The room begins to buzz.  Staff sets up.  More people enter and shuffle into place.  The pauses get shorter and are filled with more certainty.  We all know it’s time.  But most important, she knows it time.  She’s drops into the zone.  She’s given cues that make sense to her.  Yoga poses.  Marathon references.  She asks for the mirror and sees her goal.  That’s her baby!  The entire room counts down her pushes.  Knees are held.  The entire room tells her to curl around her baby.  “Like cat pose, Kori!” her sister explains.  “Like a cashew…” Kori corrects.  With the support and love in the room, she ready to reach for her child. “Next push and you’ll be holding your baby.  Take a big breath.  We’re going to count but don’t back off…” her nurse says.


“1. 2. 3 . Don’t back off!  Again!  1. 2. 3.”


And in the tiny pause before she’s able to inhale, her life changes forever.  That tiny pause is the second her son was born.

Inhale true love.

She is a mother.


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A couple weeks before this birth, Amy and I talked on the phone.  “Are you okay shooting a breech birth?” she asked.  The question was funny to me as we’ve done a transfer, I’ve been whisked out of an OR, and photographed other atypical birth moments with her.  “Of course, I am!  I’m not delivering him…”  I responded and then we waited for Baby.

Towards the end of the labor, I understood why she might ask a birth photographer the breech question.  “Listen, you’re going to want to push.  But don’t.  I need to make sure you’re really ready.” Archna had been in serious labor for a while and now she’s being told to wait a little longer…  And during this she was attentive to her older children’s needs.  “Are you hungry?  Does this make you worry?  It’s okay if it does, you could talk with her about it.  Do you need a sweatshirt?”  That’s what a mother does.  Her love and attention is never split.  It’s all in for every single child.

The morning sun was full and she was getting very quiet in between contractions.  Amy said again, “You’re close, but I need you closer.”  Archna understandably responded, “I can’t, Amy.  I’m tired.  I can’t… ”   But within seconds, her face changed and she told everyone but most importantly herself, “No.  I can.  I can do this.  I know it.  I’m going to let go.  I want to meet my son soon.”

And with that peacefully intensity, she brought her son into this world.

You were welcomed into your family with determination, love and passion.

That’s your foundation, Baby boy.

That’s where you began and it will always hold you.


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Births have a flow.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in her living room or in a hospital room.  There are differences, but they have a flow.  A couple weeks ago, I experienced this flow.

I arrived and Mom was talking and laughing. There’s more excitement than nervousness, but it dances in the background.  “I forgot about this newborn thing and that newborn thing.  I wonder if he’ll looks like his brother.  I forgot to bring the music.  Did you do this during labor?  How was your second delivery?”  It’s easy conversation.  It bounces between excitementand anticipation sprinkled with nerves.

And then she stops.

She closes her eyes and takes a big breath.  “Honey.  Please come closer.”

I can tell we’re at the beginning of the most important part of the Flow.  She needs her strength now.  She needs silence. Her body is preparing her to meet her baby.  This Flow makes you wait until she’s ready.

Midwife checks, “Looks like it’s time.  Let’s have a baby!”  The flow is amped up with readiness and encouragement.  Tables are moved closer.  Scrubs are put on.  Granola bars are eaten quickly.  She’s wondering if she’s done everything.  You can see she’s wide-eyed and ready to hold her new son.  But she also knows this next step isn’t easy.  And when it’s over, she’s no longer a family of three.  She part of a foursome.  She’ll be the mother of two boys.  It’s time to become that woman.

“Push.  You got this.  One more push.  Take a break.  Breathe.  Look at all that hair!  Feel your son’s head.  He’s almost here.  Push.  Hold it.  Push again.”

“Curl around your son, Anna, and push…”

With that tender cue and her amazing power, she becomes a mother again.
The midwife catches the newborn and quickly allows him to feel his mother’s reaching arms.  He’s home.

The flow continues around her.  Midwives wrap up and put away the tables.  Cord is cut.  Texts are being sent. The anesthesiologist is being called.  Congratulations are being exchanged.

But she remains in the center of this true love flow.  Those are the feet that kicked her awake.  That’s the chest holding the tiny heart she saw flutter so many months ago.  Feel it actually beating against her fingers.  Those lips?  That chin?  She’s seen them before.  His hair he inherited from Dad slips through her fingers.

He’s her son.

She’s in the eye of the birth flow.  She takes a breath and relaxes into it.  This is what she’s earned.

Nothing matters but this first rush of unconditional love.

Allow these pictures to always remind you of this powerful Flow of true love.  When a toddler is a toddler…  Or when teenage attitudes rear up…  Remember this flow.  Life will always flow back to the beginning: the love you first felt when he was placed in your arms.  Those are the roots of unlimited love.


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At my births no one said, “Hey, Sweetie wanna see your placenta?”  I would have gasped in horror and politely said, “No thank you. Remember I wanted him spotless before you gave him to me?  And you still gave him to me all gooey…  You’re lucky I didn’t let him slide right off me!”

So photographing my first birth was the first time, I had actually seen a placenta.  And it was memorizing…  Even for a someone who got warned all the time, “YOU don’t do well around blood!”  But I was captivated by the placenta. I kept thinking, “What is the midwife doing?  What’s she actually looking for?  How can she see anything?  Oh.  My.  God.  She’s lifting it off the floor?!  It’s gonna rip.  It’s gonna rip!  Blood is gonna go everywhere!  Woah…  Look how strong it is!!”

Examining the placenta is still one of my favorites parts of a birth shoot.  And it doesn’t get much love from birth photographers.  I get it.  There’s more tender, real, and emotional parts to share.

But the placenta…  People, the placenta is life!

This life sustaining organ is also a pretty decent metaphor for life.

It’s messy.  Confusing.  Dark.  Fragile looking.

But look closer…  Please.  Look closer.

It’s also beautiful.  Mysterious.  Powerful.  And gives you exactly what you need.

How can one not be in awe of the placenta?!

Look past the blood and notice its beauty and strength.

After all it gave you your beauty and strength.  Honor it.

Rolling with it

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Birth is completely unpredictable.  You can guess.  But in the end, it’s that.  A big ole Guess.

When will labor start?  First labor 27 hours and the second only 2 hours? Contractions are really close and steady, but I’m only 3 cm?!  Contractions JUST started and I’m pushing?!  So-and-So’s started like this so mine will too?  Nope.

Ladies, it’s a solid guess.  And you just have to roll with it.  Understand “rolling with it” and your labor and delivery will be easier.  Not pain-free, but easier.

I got the Labor Started text, but something told me to go.  I hit the road and I got the next text “She’s complete.  Get here now.”  Not the text you want during a rainy rush hour.  But you drive and roll with it.

So did Melanie and Michael.  He rushed home.  She didn’t worry about setting up the birth pool.  Found an old tablecloth from a previous birthday party and laid it on the bed.  No use ruining good sheets and a mattress.  I showed up and she was calm but in full labor.  There was no smile to greet me.  She was ready to meet her third baby.  She was in her strength.  She was already accessing her power.  Silent.  Strong breaths.  Demanded silence and asked for comfort.  She was in the birth zone.  For a split second she questioned her ability (every woman does).  Amy and Michael supported and reminded her, “YOU CAN DO THIS.  Meet your baby after this next push.”

And then I saw it come over her body.  She knew it was time.

Minutes later she held her baby and introduced her two girls to their new sibling.

I photographed her second birth and she let Daughter 1 announce the Baby 2’s gender.  I loved that scene and was even cuter because she announced the wrong gender.  Easily done, Folks.  But everyone laughed.  Baby 3’s gender would be revealed by Daughter 2.  “It’s a boy.”  Everyone reacts.  Two girls and a boy!  A couple minutes later, the midwife whispers to Michael, “You might want to check again…”  History repeated itself and the room erupts with laughter.  They rolled with it.

Look at those smiles?  Look at the love?

This family rolls with life because they have each other.

And because they have faith.

It was an honor and joyous to watch the first time.

It’s inspiring to watch a second time.

Thanks for letting me roll with you

Sometimes your friends have a baby

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A friend’s birth is a special thing, but it is different.  There are some pros and cons…

Here are the cons: I’m very aware of my role at a birth.  It’s to be quiet and photograph the story.  With clients, it’s easy.  They don’t ask about my boys’ school year.  But a friend knows my kids started new schools.  So I try to be very quiet, but if they ask questions,  I can’t NOT talk back.  That’s rude to a woman in labor.  You should always be polite to a woman in labor.  But every time I talk, it feels intrusive.  In a client’s birth, I’m not worried about where I stand. Even though I realize my friend is not worried about what I see, I still like to give her some privacy.  I always remind myself, “She asked me to be here.”  But I still worry that she’s worried about what I’ll see or experience.  My worry is only for about 4 seconds because truly Ladies, I can’t stress this enough: this is my job.  Everything is 100% normal and comfortable to me.  I won’t see you at a BBQ and think of your placenta.  When I’m at a BBQ, I hope my birth photography gave you memories for life and a tangible vision of your love and strength.  So at the BBQ, I think about the Pros of shooting a friends’ birth…

I got to see you at your greatest and most beautiful.  Prior to your birth, I thought, “Those are some nice Folks.”  After the birth, I think, “I knew they were nice, but WOAH they’re amazing!”  I witness the sweetness and love usually reserved for private moments.  I get to hang out with their family and see exactly where that sweetness and love comes from.  It’s taught, learned and genetic.  And I get to witness it from the source: their parents.  I also see my friends’ love for their first son.  And how important it was for them to include and remind him, he’s still their baby.  I’m able to hear that little boy exclaim, “You’re finally here!  I’ve waited so long for you.”  And I melt along with every other person in the room.

Watching a friend give birth is a true honor.  It amplifies what I already knew: their goodness, bravery, strength, humor, and love.  At the next BBQ and I see little Charlie, I’ll always remember his first loud cry, his Daddy’s smile at his first glance, and how his Momma’s heart swelled the second he was born.  I’ll remember his grandparents’ adoration and how his big brother couldn’t wait to meet him.

Kid, you are deeply loved and it was beautiful from the start.  I’ll never forget it because I was lucky to be there.
And at a future BBQ, if you want an extra cookie?

Ask me, Champ.

I’m a sucker for kids I’ve known from their first seconds on Earth.